Concise money
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Easily support translation for money values in 60+ languages, and make users feel home.

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curl -L -X GET
"" \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer { TUFORTY_API_KEY }' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \

# Response
  "language": "fr",
  "currency": "GBP",
  "whole_unit": "pound",
  "decimal_unit": "penny",
  "whole_translation": "trois cent vingt-neuf",
  "decimal_translation": "quatre-vingt-dix-neuf"
  "translation": "trois cent vingt-neuf livres, quatre-vingt-dix-neuf penny seulement"


Supports over 60 languages

We have made it easy for you to translate money values into over 60 indigenious languages, while ensuring that the translation remains accurate.

People talking

Translate from any numeric currency value

Translating money values from your local language (such as chinese, arabic numeral etc.), into worded translation in any language could be done seamlessly.


API Support

Translation can be done by leveraging our well documented HTTP API, thereby allowing you to build a rich user and localized experience into your existing application.


Use Cases

User flow


Managing an ecommerce store that scales to various countries and regions, requires communicating prices in languages users are used to.

User flow

Receipts and Invoices

Autogenerated invoices should feel more natural to paper invoices. People grew up reading monetary values, making it first hand in an invoice should be a great desire.

User flow


First point of contact for local tourists in new locations are usually the market places. Displaying monetary values in their natural language fosters easy trading.

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